Budros Ruhlin Roe

Emily K. Zeller

Wealth Management Administrator

Young women face two major obstacles in this male dominated industry; lack of experience and being female.   One of my goals is to break through those obstacles within the profession and make being young and a woman an advantage.

To build my credibility, I am currently working towards obtaining the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.  I realize a client’s first impression of me may be, "She's only a young kid," but having this certification will assure I have the proper knowledge to advise clients.

Growing up in Bellevue, Ohio, my father was an entrepreneur and my mother worked in the financial sector.  The two professions were always interesting to me.  When deciding what to major in at school, financial planning became the obvious choice.  

I studied at The Ohio State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Ecology with a specialization in Family Financial Services.  During my senior year, I worked as an intern for Budros, Ruhlin & Roe, and was offered a full time position upon graduation.