Budros Ruhlin Roe

Financial Independence/Retirement Planning and Modeling

We believe financial independence is not a privilege, but the right of every client. Budros, Ruhlin and Roe, Inc.utilizes The Future Vision Clarifier™, our proprietary retirement planning process, to create a dynamic plan that is strong enough to support personal goals, but flexible enough to adjust to changing conditions. This financial modeling tool is designed to find the balance between maximizing your standard of living and outliving your resources in retirement.

Retirement modeling is a critical component of any long-term plan, since the average retirement age has been decreasing, while the average lifespan continues to increase. It’s essential to examine income, expenses, current and future assets, college and other education funding; and income and estate taxes to determine you’ll have adequate resources for yourself, as well as whether you can provide inheritances or gifts to your family or charity without jeopardizing your financial independence.